Mission Statement

Operation Wheels of Freedom was created to honor, entertain and educate the men and women serving the U.S. armed forces. We honor and entertain by connecting these troops with American made performance vehicles, which remind them that they are never far from home. Each event staged is meant to be a heartfelt salute to our sons and daughters who dutifully preserve our nation's freedom. These are the principles that guide us.

We Proudly Serve

Let us not forget our nation's brave men and women in uniform. The unparalleled personal freedoms all Americans enjoy are secured by those who dutifully stand their watch around the world. These men and women and their families deserve to know that their countless sacrifices and devout service to country are appreciated. Help us prepare a safe and sound homecoming for these sons and daughters who have served their country in the US Military.


A special thank you to all those that have helped us complete our mission.