As entertaining and uplifting as our programs are, OWOFF's raison d'etre is safety.

Motor vehicle mishaps involving young service members are disproportionately high, and yet continue to go almost unnoticed within the civilian sector of American society. Even more sobering is the number of these accidents that end in fatalities. These sad and preventable occurrences are due in large part to a potentially dangerous superman mentality which is characterized by an "I can survive anything" attitude—an all-too-frequent outcome of surviving combat. But whether the reason is something that is developed, like an unfortunate mindset or something "un"-developed, like a loss of driving skill and awareness due to lack of drive exposure, there is a measurable and tragic increase in vehicular collisions for too many veterans upon their return to the real world.

The OWOFF program promotes automotive safety in an entertaining and hands-on manner that increases participant awareness; reveals and resets mindset and reintroduces driver skills and dynamics, thus preparing our returning heroes for life on American highways. The program provides a sports-style, focused, driver training program that expands the application of safe driving behaviors in a unique and powerful way that combines the thrill of high-performance muscle cars with professional drive team safety instruction. The result is a program that participants line up for—fun, entertaining and most important of all, effective at saving lives.

More than education—it's "edutainment". The intrigue and effectiveness of our program lies in its hands-on nature; because the thrills are real, the education memorable and the training effective.

Participants learn their lessons from the cockpits of cars most have dreamt about—trouser to seat…feet to pedals…tires to the track. The OWOFF program cars (our classrooms) are all state of the art, performance-oriented thrill-machines clad in military themed graphics. The 'hot wheels' that every 18 – 25 year old dreams of driving and owning someday. Experienced within the controlled parameters of our professionally-designed drive courses, participants experience an incredible rush of excitement by finding the safety edge and reacquainting themselves with the most important lesson of all: the realities of automotive dynamics and handling.