Active military personnel are not the only ones who personally sacrifice as a result of military deployment. Military families including spouses, children and even extended family all endure the lifestyle compromises that go into the support of a loved one serving in the military. To honor this audience, the OWOFF roadshow team also delivers specialized entertainment and educational events designed just for them.

Given optimal circumstances, we have two fun activities planned for military family members at bases we visit in 2019. This year's safety tour will include "Family Days" to be presented in two sessions on the Saturday following OWOFF military training days:

Saturday Morning Teenage Driving Program

The first activity (a new initiative) will take advantage of our experienced professional facilitators and pro drivers who will immerse military dependents between 16 – 20 years old in an eye-opening teenage driving program. This program is an exhilarating and sobering glimpse of the high-performance motor vehicle skills training that their parents may have received earlier in the week. Studies show that well-presented driver training, delivered in a controlled environment that is rich with in-car, behind-the-wheel, demonstrative drive experience bolsters learning retention. 

A parent, or parents are strongly encouraged to attend OWOFF's teen driving activity, as a show of support. Each family participant receives a commemorative certificate of participation and OWOFF memento(s).

Saturday Afternoon Family Day

The whole family can 'gear up for action' after the clock strikes noon.

All excitement, all the time, here,  on Family Day OWOFF's pro drivers thrill parents and children large enough to safely experience a belted-in 'hot lap', through the program's closed road courses. Pulling G's and shaking knees, everybody will love the visceral thrill of this seat-of-the-pants experience as vehicles achieve closed course peak performance… our professional drive team does not disappoint!

In this version of the program we are also planning to include photo opportunities, autographs, complimentary snacks and beverages, gifts for the kids, live music and more. As development continues we will be sure to update the agenda, so keep checking our website!